Sustainable Sugarcane Initiatives

PRDIS, A.N.G.R.Agricultural University (ANGRAU) have organized a season long Training of Facilitators (ToF) programme on Sustainable Sugarcane Initiatives using Farmer Field School Approach (FFS) with WHO support at RARS, Anakapalle in Visakhapatnam district during 2009. Earlier, a curriculum development workshop was done during 2008. Subsequently, follow –up has been done during 2010,2011 and 2012 by PRDIS, ANGRAU, Sugar Industries and National Institute of Plant Health Management thus the technologies were tested for four seasons and the programme has shown the potential for improving the lives and livelihoods of small and marginal sugarcane growers in irrigated dry and rainfed areas. To conclude farmers of Andhra Pradesh, India are poised to adopt the Eco friendly ICM technologies and practices for reaping better harvest of sugarcane and environmental protection. There is a need for rationalizing and harmonizing resources and policy changes towards achieving the goal. This needs commitment of all the stakeholders who are looking forward for promoting sustainable sugarcane production and poverty alleviation.

Participation of Farmers in Farmer Field School Pics